The Power of Gratefulness!

Here we are on the verge of another Thanksgiving in America. Thanksgiving is a great national holiday on which family and friends are brought together. But Thanksgiving didn't start as a national holiday back when the first settlers started the concept. Actually after that first brutal winter and growing season, it was a celebration of life and harvest. The first settlers (the ones who were still breathing) gathered to commemorate God's protection and sustenance. The gratefulness was genuine. I mean think about it. Many of your family and friends died throughout that first year. Through the difficulty, death, and destitution...a group had survived and now wanted to give God all the thanks. Making it through hard times and difficulty produces a truly grateful heart. That's what it's all about - gratefulness.

Understand that a grateful heart is very powerful. It is a force that motivates a person to endure the most difficult of circumstances. A grateful heart can recall God's past faithfulness and envision His future faithfulness. The result is a steadfastness in the present that has a supernatural essence. No one looks forward to tough times. But it's the tough times that toughen us up! Connie and I understand tough times and I'm sure you do too. Tough times come in different shapes and sizes for different people but the result (should we choose it) is the same...a grateful heart. I'll admit, tough times can also produce numerous opportunities to complain and maybe even murmur. But a truly grateful heart acknowledges God is fully in control. We don't always understand the circumstances...but we can understand that God does and has all the answers. Yes, we can thank Him in the hard times as well as the easy times. 

A grateful heart makes one sensitive to the needs of others. I don't mean this to sound bad, but there is always someone whose situation is worse than yours. What a great time to thank God for His faithfulness to us, and offer ourselves to Him as an instrument to help others. A grateful heart. It's very powerful. A grateful heart endures circumstances because its eyes are not on the circumstances, but on God. 

I'm reminded of how Judah was completely surrounded by its enemies in II Chronicles Chapter 20. Jehoshaphat was a Godly king and gathered the whole nation for prayer. If God doesn't intervene...the whole nation will be wiped out. In this prayer meeting Jehoshaphat leads the prayer and begins to thank God for all He has done and all He has promised for Israel. Then He says, "We are powerless against this great multitude, nor do we know what to do. Nevertheless...our eyes are on You." God moved in behalf of the nation of Judah and routed its enemies. It took three days for Judah's people to collect the spoils of the battle.

A grateful heart is powerful. I encourage you in these hard times...remember His faithfulness, thank Him for His future faithfulness, and thank Him for all you have today. Be thankful for the things that matter this Thanksgiving. It will change things. It's the power of a grateful heart.

Sponsor a child from Honduras!

Did you know you can sponsor a child from Honduras through Harvest Celebration Ministries? For just $25 per month, you will provide school clothes, school supplies, shoes, food, and a special gift at Christmas! A child sponsorship also tremendously helps the family of each child. In addition, you will be able to correspond with the child through our contacts in Honduras! For more information please visit:  Thanks! Steve Hutto

Thanks! Steve Hutto

We're Heading Back To Honduras, February 18th - 25th, 2019!

Our next outreach to Honduras will be February 18th - 25th, 2019. I would like to take a small team with me in February. I especially need someone who can be a photographer and videographer. You don't have to be a professional, just take good pics and videos with a good smart phone, or a small digital camcorder. This would be your main commitment to the outreach. Of course you would be involved in other things such as praying for folks and sharing your testimony.

I would like for some of our child sponsors to go to see first hand the ministry in Concordia. You could possibly meet the child or children you sponsor!

On this trip we will be ministering in several churches in the city of Tegucigalpa. However, the main focus this time will be on Pastor Manfredy's church. We will have several meetings with teaching and ministry focused on the Holy Spirit. I am expecting Him to move mightily in our midst! We will also be visiting homes to fellowship with and pray for folks.

If you are interested in going and would like more information please e-mail me at Or you can PM me on Facebook Messenger. Every team member will be responsible for their own expenses.

I ask you to be praying NOW for the upcoming outreach to Honduras. And if you would like to donate to the outreach  click here, or click the banner at the top right of this page. Thanks!

Steve Hutto, Harvest Celebration Ministries